Kenyan Team

St Jeromes: Carl



born 1987 on the Kenyan coast, Carl is the Manager of St Jerome’s and chairs the South Rift Association of Charitable Children Institution (ACCIK). When he is not glued in his office seat, his spends his time in helping the other staff gardening, cooking, and gaining background information on vulnerable children in the local area.

St Jeromes: Mingini



Mingini was born and brought up in Northern Kenya where he herded his family’s cattle. He has been working for us for the past three years since he was 21 becoming a full-time member of the team this year. He has been described by all as polite, caring and hardworking.

St Jeromes: Mary



Mary is our newest Aunty, after just a few months she has already become a key part of the family. Mary was originally born in Nanukyi and visited Nakuru for the first time in 1990 to see her sister. She loved it so much that that she never returned home. She has three children of her own and says that her favourite pastime is looking after children, so she has the best job in the world!

St Jeromes: Maina


Groundskeeper and Driver

Maina is married with three children and was born and educated in Karirikania. He is a hardworking member of the St. Jerome’s Centre and skilled mason by trade. Alongside taking our children to and from school, Maina has been at the heart of all of our building projects and repairs of the home.

St Jeromes: Peter



Born in Busia on the border of Uganda, Peter has been working with us since November 2015. He has transformed our allotment: growing everything from passionfruit to spinach as well as taking care of our cows and chickens. The children love working and learning from him, you will always find at least one of them with him helping to dig out the back or collect food for the animals. In his spare time, he enjoys looking after his own garden or playing badminton in the town.

St Jeromes: Phylis



Phyllis was born in Turbo in the Rift Valley where she also went to school. She is described as polite and hardworking by everyone at the home and loves listening to Gospel music in her spare time.

St Jeromes: Sainopi



Sainopi has been with us since our opening in 2012. He always turns up to work with a smile on his face and is loved by all the children. Don’t let his calm, peaceful nature fool you though he is a fantastic Masai hunter and we feel very safe with him protecting our compound at night.

St Jeromes: Grace



Grace was born in a small village near to Kericho in the Kenya uplands and has been with us since we opened in 2012. She attended school in Laikipia County and later attained her caregivers training (ACCIK) in Nakuru. Her characteristic laugh can always be heard throughout St Jerome’s which lead to her nick name, ‘the smiling machine’.