Our Project

The St. Jerome's Centre is a Children's Home located outside the town of Nakuru, Kenya. We currently provide shelter, food and education to 33 children. 

Established in 2009, the St. Jerome's centre works to improve the lives and give opportunity to disadvantaged Kenyan children. Our centre relies entirely on sponsorship and donations . 


Our Story

In 2009 a group of young adults from the UK travelled to Nakuru, in Kenya, to volunteer in street child rehabilitation centres, orphanages and schools. During their stay, one of the orphanages they were volunteering at was forced to close.

The lack of social support within Kenya meant the children would be forced to return to unsafe family environments, where violence, drug and alcohol abuse are commonplace, or to grandparents too frail and poor to properly care for them. Worse still, they might have ended up on the street, some aged as young as 6. Still teenagers themselves, what these young volunteers found, shocked them so profoundly that they took on the extraordinary task of raising funds from family and friends to buy land, set up, build and run St Jerome’s centre, which opened in 2012.

This residential home has now given 33 children the chance of a better life, with an education, food and shelter, and a safe haven from the endemic problems of the region, which has been battered by political upheaval and HIV .

Relocated to Murunyu, on the outskirts of Nakuru, in 2015, with an amazing construction project run by Orkid Studios and staffed by volunteers, St Jerome’s now has the capacity to accommodate forty children in a light and spacious home suited to their needs. The home employs 9 local people fulltime including a Manager, and 3 Mamas to provide guidance, love and support as well as some home cooking.

The six original young founders are now moving on from their medical training in the UK. As Trustees, they continue to return very regularly to Murunyu and have developed a plan for the long term future of the centre. They are aiming to stjeromescentre.org.uk Registered Charity Number: 1234567 provide a sustainable legacy and a transition into successful adult life for those they have already been caring for, while continuing to provide an ongoing haven in Murunyu for more of Kenya’s most vulnerable children.